Education – Key to Tackling Youth Drug Abuse

In these days, the number of the youth drug uses is increasing, which posed a very serious problem not only to the family but also to the whole society. It is suggested that the adding education and antidrug legislation efforts should be strengthened to call on young people to stay away from drugs. The most effective ways should be adopted to stem the tide of alcohol and drug use among their students.

Tackling the drug problem is tough and complex. The drug-related crimes already endanger the order of the society. Drug abuse becomes a national priority concern, so the society needs to respond quickly and effectively to prevent the problem from getting out of hand; otherwise, new problems will emerge, which is much harder to tackle combined with the drug.

Education is believed the most powerful weapon in tackling drug abuse, especially among the young people. Therefore, the educational means should be adopted and stepped up to gain round the danger of the drug abuse. Once they know well about the harm of the drug addiction, they will consciously stay away from the drug.

Fighting against to the drug crisis, local school districts are required to implement comprehensive substance abuse programs. Many councils have been set up to coordinate community and school prevention and educational efforts.

Drug abuse should not be limited to the young people; instead, the whole society should receive the educational programs on the drug abuse. The adult can set a good example to the young people. Living in the drug-free society, the youth are less likely to addict the drug.

In fact, drug abuse presents the most serious drug-related health and social concern in our country. Therefore, care should be taken to eliminate the drug abuse among the young people and create instead, meaningful, useful, socially productive roles for teenagers in our society.