Home Based Business! What Do Donuts Have to Do With it?

Internet World Statistics tell me that there are over 6.7 billion people living on this planet. The latest figures show over 1.6 billion of them use the Internet while in the year 2000 there were just under 361million users. That is a growth rate of almost 450%. In the US alone and back in 2005 there were 13.8 million Home based Businesses (info. provided by Entrepreneur.com) and in my own country, Australia in the state of New South Wales there were 254,000 in 2004. Today there is more. Tomorrow there will be more again!The idea, concept, consideration of a home based business is for the most part is a noble and popular one. The reason so many people are thinking about or have already started a home based business is as varied as the individuals that choose it. However, for the most part it can be said that most home based businesses are borne out of convenience.Single Mums find it convenient to work from home while they can still care for their children. Stay at home Dads are much more common in today’s day and can find it convenient to keep an eye on the “little ones” while they do business from home. Maybe commuting is a problem and navigating the hallway in ones own home is far more convenient than the city streets or country roads. Whatever it is though the thought is there – “work from home”. This doesn’t mean though that we have a “Home Based Business”.Of course there is a difference between “work from home” and a “home based business” and often (I think) we get the two confused a bit. We speak “home based business” but think “work from home”!The differences are considerable and may be found in the definitions themselves. You see when you research the word “Business” you will find something like this (depending on your source):-Business: The purchase and sale of goods in an attempt to make a profit (Macquarie Dictionary).We also see in association a Business Name:Business Name: The name other than a surname under which a person carries on business or profession, such name being necessarily registered.If we dig a little deeper from the same source we identify the people that do business are described as the following:-Businessman /woman: A person who engages in business or commerce.AndBusinesslike: Conforming to the methods of business or trade; methodical; systematic.And finally:Business Plan: A formal statement of business goals, the reason why they are believed attainable and the plan for reaching those goals. It may also contain background information about the organisation or team attempting to reach those goals.Work on the other hand is something different. (According to Wikipedia) being thus:Work:(1) Exertion directed to produce or accomplish something; labour; toil. (2) A productive or operative activity (3) Employment; a job; especially that by which one earns a living.So this is what I’m getting to. Sometimes we focus on the hole in the middle of the donut and don’t look at the whole thing! We can say we have a home based business but we don’t see the big picture and therefore we are working from home instead. If we are serious about a home based business then we must see the whole thing. Build from the right foundations and bring clarity to our vision.There is nothing wrong with work from home at all. In fact if we are to have a home based business we will indeed work from home. It will be an integral part of our business but, if we don’t have a business plan, a registered business name, or if we are not attempting to buy (or create) and sell something for profit, conform to business principles and conduct ourselves in a businesslike manner we don’t have a business at all… we are just working?You may have started like a “bull at a gate”, you may be going “great guns” or you may be struggling to get your focus or organise your day. Don’t fret! Take a moment to reflect on your foundations. Have you got a business plan with goals and a systematic approach to achieve them? Are they realistic? Are you structured properly? If not then take a little time to get these things in order. Then get back into it and gain the rewards you deserve for having a go, not giving up and enjoy the lifestyle you have chosen.Just a word of warning! If you don’t have a Business Plan you can lose your way. If you don’t have a Business Structure you may well have problems with taxation in the future and if you don’t have a business mindset you will struggle to enjoy and achieve your dream. I heard this saying today and can’t remember who quoted it but it goes like this “Goals are in concrete, plans are in sand!”If you are interested in getting educated in the successful use of the Internet and additionally want the opportunity to market top tier education material may I suggest that you visit the website below?Now I know that you will never look at a donut quite the same again. And I hope that you never look at your home based business the same either.I wish you all the prosperity and satisfaction that you hope for and more in your Home Based Business.Cheers,

Home Based Business

Home-based businesses seem to be the small business boom of today. People prefer to start home based businesses to have closer proximity with their family, lower overhead costs, and the comfort of not leaving home to go to an office.There are many home based business opportunities available like data entry, marketing, medical transcription, and freelance writing. Home-based businesses are thriving mainly due to the Internet, which makes it easy to communicate with people all over the world. To get to know the different home based business ideas that are available, it is best to do a little surfing on the Internet. You will be certainly surprised with the numerous opportunities you may be missing out on.While setting up your small but efficient home office, you should choose a place that offers privacy and space to hold the equipment and furniture you may need. Maintain a professional atmosphere in the home office, if possible. Plan out your budget for the home based business to avoid any future complications, and make sure you have an occupancy permit if you plan to run your business from a residential area that is not zoned for business.Make sure you get an insurance plan for your office equipment used for the home-based business. Even vehicles used for the business can be covered in this policy. In the event of you going out of the office, you may keep an answering machine or voice mail to answer your calls. If you can afford it, maybe you could also hire a part time receptionist, or get the assistance of your family or friend to do this. This not only helps you, but also creates a professional appearance to your clients.To get a truly professional look, create a logo to be used on letterheads, business cards, envelopes, and brochures. And last but not least, discipline yourself to ignore distractions like children and neighbors. Don’t let them pop into the office when and however they want to.

Home Based Business – Running Your Business From Home

Many people hesitate when starting a home based business because they are not sure they can run a business from home and take care of their family at the same time. One of the conveniences of having a home business is so you can be home with your children and take care of the things you normally would not be able to if you worked outside of the home. However, this can be difficult if you do not have two key elements in place.Office SpaceYou must reserve office space for your home based business in your home separate from your living space. Let your family know where you will be working and you need to keep that space for your home based business. If you are able to reserve a room with a door, let them know you do not want to be disturbed when the door is closed because you are working. Make sure you have comfortable furniture so you can work for a few hours in your home office. If you are not comfortable in your home office, you may find yourself on the couch in the family room or sitting at the kitchen table trying to work your home based business. If you can keep your home business space separate from your living space, you will be able to stay organized in your home.Work HoursDecide what your work hours will be for your home based business. Just like working a 9 to 5 job, your home business should have office hours for you to work your business. It is very easy to find house work to do instead of working your business when you work from home so making a schedule will help organize your time. It may also help to make your schedule available for your family to see so your family will know your work schedule for a given day. Note the times you really do not want to be disturbed, like when you know you will be on a conference call or making business calls. It is also a good idea to note when you will spend time with your family on your schedule as well. They will see your schedule and feel good that you did not forget about their school events or night out at the movies you promised them. Setting work hours for your home based business and sticking to them is a good way to make sure you are running your home business and running your household efficiently.Having both of these key elements planned and in place will help you have a greater chance for success with your home based business. Also, involving your family in the decision for both elements is a good idea to give them a sense of involvement in your home based business. It is important to make your home business something that your entire family will be able to live with because they will play a part in your success by helping you stick to your work hours and keep your office space for your business.This is Sheila, talking real talk about the home based business industry!